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RO Membranes
As one of the largest reverse osmosis membrane element manufacturers in China, the company can produce all kinds of residential and industrial use and special specified size RO membrane elements, products have NSF certification
Industrial Membranes
As one of China’s largest manufacturers of reverse osmosis membrane elements, the company can produce all kinds of household, industrial, and special specification size reverse osmosis membrane elements. The products have NSF certification.
Small Diaphragm Pumps
24V and 36V DC booster pumps, especially suitable for a variety of low flow high lift system.
Water Tanks
Equipment used for drinking water and various kinds of constant pressure water delivery, capacities range from 1.5 gallons to 20 gallons
Filter Elements
For a variety of water treatment equipment, includes melt-blown polypropylene filters, activated carbon filters, mineralization filters, folded filters, etc.
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» Water Dispenser Tap
» Mineral Water Purifier Tap
Opening temperature: 1-49°C. Operating pressure: 150PSI. Bursting pressure: 232PSI. Fatigue test: 100.000times incessantly cycle test. Different inner container: ABS \ FRP \ PE. Opening diameter: 2.5’’ – 6’’
Color : Different colors are available, deep blue, sky blue, gray, natural color, black
We also make stainless steel vessel asper customers requirements.
Water Treatment Pump
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