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DB 001 Green Sand
Manganese Greensand filtration media is used for the reduction of iron, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), and manganese. Manganese Greensand is the single best method for removing these contaminants in higher concentrations and when other filter media will not quite work.
DB 002 Far Infrared Ball
Specification : 2mm - 15mm
Main ingredient: Maifan stone, kiorelguhr.Etc.
Functions : mineralization, anti-bacterium, be easy to absorb by body.
DB 003 Quartz Sand
Quartz Sand offered by our company is a common minerals forms alone in nature and includes two kinds of quartz is trigonal crystal low temperature quartz (a quartz) and hexad crystal high temperature quartz. The color of quartz sand available with us can be ivory white or multi color if mixed with impurities called not cleaves. Its crystal common has solid, liquid and gas enwrap.
DB 004 Manganese Dioxide (Powder & Granule)
We also offer different grades of powdered manganese dioxide and granular in powder and granules manganese dioxide ranging from 60% Mn02 to 90% Mno2. Manganese dioxide is an essential ingredient used for manufacturing dry cells, decolorizing the greenish tinge in glass, in ferroalloys, ceramics, pigments, paints, and dyes, organic, inorganic and aromatic chemicals and in water treatment plant where the granular MnO2 is utilized for removing iron from the water.
DB 005 Activated Carbon Granular
DB 006 Sell Activated Carbon Powder
Sell Activated Carbon Powder
DB 007 Carbon
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